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A goal obtained, and a new idea!

A couple of weeks ago, I sat and thought about some goals for the year, I even wrote them down and started a blog just for shits and giggles.

Just a quick check in, but I've already quite unexpectedly checked one box on that list of goals. Thanks to a new collaboration and some big time confidence from a friend, as I type this, I'm waiting anxiously for the UPS guy to get here with a new lens!

This is the Sigma 14-24 f2.8 Simply explained the 14-24mm focal range is super wide, allowing me to capture everything from vast landscapes for my outdoor and travel photography, to entire rooms for real estate photography. From a story tellers perspective, this lens will allow me to include more of the surroundings when necessary to better tell the story.

I hate setting goals, hate hate hate. But if the entire last year mentoring with the wonderful OKC photographer extraordinaire, Brandon Burton, taught me anything, it's that you can truly speak good things into existence. Set goals, work hard, and manifest. Add that to my list of goals to focus more on this year.

And now on to my new idea! For all of you that were lucky enough to snag one of my calendars for 2022, it was brought to my attention that I included no information about the location of the photos. So every month at the beginning of a new month, check back here for a little behind the scenes story about each one!

Thanks for following along and kick ass with me this month, will ya?


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