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February 2022

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany March 2019

It was a cold and particularly rainy March in Berlin and me? Well I 👏🏼 was 👏🏼 cranky 👏🏼 about it. But still I had things to see and places to photograph so I trudged along, grabbing a brat or dunkel any chance I got to lift the mood.

On our last day there, I found myself retracing some of the cool areas we’d already wandered. I’d already taken some boring “been there, done that” photos of the big important landmarks, but on this walk I was looking to get more creative, and I knew I wanted to use some of the puddles from the god forsaken downpour so that I didn’t feel so crazy for trekking through the torrent.

I got several shots that I love on that walk, but I’m particularly fond of this one. The main focus is the Brandenburg Gate, an 18th century structure whose fate has changed over the years from a symbol of death and division to one of unity and peace. But one of my favorite components of the picture, and one I admittedly didn’t notice until I uploaded it to the computer to edit, is the couple arm-in-arm walking toward the gate. I love capturing big iconic places with no people in the frame, you’ll notice this theme throughout my calendar, but it was cold and I was rushing so I didn’t wait for the people to move. And I’m glad I didn’t. I only wish I’d have chased them down and gotten their info so I could share this split second of a moment of their life with them.

So there you have it, month number 2 in my 2022 wall calendar. Any guesses where next months was taken? Comment and let me know!

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