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Welcome to my Client Consultation Page! Below is some useful information that I believe will provide added value to our meeting. 

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you soon!

Why a consultation?

The wedding photographer is consistently regarded as the second most important vendor for a wedding day. (No pressure for me!) They are also pretty glued to your hip on your big day. As such it is SO important that you not only like your photographer as an artist, but you know that you can trust them and like them as a person. I love an initial face to face consultation for this reason. I want to get to know you as a couple and I want you to get to know me. Then, if it makes sense, we can talk timelines and shot lists and details and so on. 

That's the Why. So how about the Who What Where and When?

The Who: Bring yourself, your fiancé, and any financial contributor of your wedding photography to your consultation​.

The What: 45-60 minute meeting (unless we become best friends) 

The Where: I ask you to choose a sentimental hangout spot. A cute coffee shop, a nice shaded park bench, or your favorite local dive. I want to meet you in your element as a couple.

The When: The sooner the better! While I will not rush any other decision, the wedding industry is crazy and while your date may be currently available, it could just as soon be unavailable.

Questions For Me

I thought a consultation was such a great idea, until I showed up to my very first one and the couple had ZERO questions for me. While being hired by my portfolio alone was flattering, I didn't really gather any additional context about what they hoped to accomplish. And while they loved their photos all the same I was determined to help couples know what to ask, not only me, but any potential wedding vendor in the future. 

1. Why did you choose wedding photography?

2. What would you say that your style is?

3. What influences do you have as a photographer?

4. What actions do you take as a professional to make sure that you deliver what you say you can?

This is a living breathing list. I'll add more as I think of them.

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